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About the Artist

Margalit Shelly studied art at Kaye academic college of education, and received her M.A. in "Spanish Culture of the middle ages" from Alcala University, Spain. The subject of her Master's degree was the culture of Sephardic Jewry.

She's a Member of the "Israeli Painters and Sculptors Association"'

Margalit Shelly has had numerous Exhibitions in Israel, Europe and in the United States, and was chosen by the ministry of education and net dav to represent Israel in the network. 

She taught art at Ramot high school, Beer Sheva and was the Head Manager at the center for visual arts, Kaye academic College of education, Beer Sheva.

As an artist, Margalit Shelly is connected to local landscape as well as Jewish subjects.

Her sources of inspiration are based on Islamic as well as western art. Using an Academic technique, she paints in watercolors and oil.


In her exhibitions she presents a series of watercolors, acrylic and oil works on the material and spiritual heritage in which she was raised. Her brush brings forth vistas and family events from her childhood, enriching them with products of the Jewish culture of Tunisia. Margalit documents jewelry, Clothing, rugs, religious and ritual objects characteristic of the Jewish and the Middle East population.

Her painting is close –up symbolic expressionistic executed using an academic painting technique - one color over another, concealment of the obvious, thick and thin, touches and emphases on texture.

As with Middle Eastern embroidery, the depicted object is shown in endless repetition.   Every so often its form shifts, as does it's rhythm and flow. The painting extends across the area of the painting, and as in the format of some abstract expressionist artist, the painting has no beginning and no end. 


The artist's connection to the specific place – the Negev – is unmediated. She seeks out objects with a connection to both the place and its historic memory:  dates, palm fronds, willow leaves, pebbles, and wheel tracks. What she chooses she sees, internalizes, studies, and sets as the central idea of the work, as a symbol denoting the connection between man and his land. 


Solo Exhibitions - most prominent:

1987          Meitar, my town" Be'er Sheva city library - Aquarelle.

1990          Women at Kedar tents" Jo Alon museum, Be'er Sheva - Aquarelle.

1992          Sunflowers" Be'er Sheva city library – Aquarelle.

1993          The message was delivered to the family" Yad la'banim gallery, Be'er Sheva - Acrilic.

1996          Close environment" Kay College gallery, Be'er Sheva - Aquarelle.

2003          Elsahara(desert) women" Kay College gallery, Be'er Sheva - Aquarelle.

Group Exhibitions - most prominent:

1990          London - Aquarelle.

1993          "Desert sands" Artists house, Tel Aviv – Aquarelle.

1993          "Women" Aked Gallery, Tel Aviv – Aquarelle.

1994          " Jewish art" Shagal house, Hifa – Aquarelle.

1994          Hungary, Budapest – Aquarelle.

1994          "Negev" Art focus at Be'er Sheva city hall – Aquarelle.

1996          Jerusalem, 3000 years" Be'er Sheva city hall – Aquarelle.

1997          Zionists of America house – Oil.

2000          "Negev" Jo Alon museum, Be'er Sheva – Oil.

2001          "A Different side" Ben Gurion university, Be'er Sheva – Oil.

2002          Oregon state university, Oregon USA – Oil.

2003          "Water's path" Be'er Sheva city library, in collaboration with the Dutch artist Hanse Peter Kobald.

2003          "Water's path" Holland,  in collaboration with the Dutch artist Hanse Peter Kobald at the artist's gallery.

2006          Oregon state university, Oregon USA – Aquarelle. 

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